Nigerian Society of Physical Sciences

We are the main National body incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria with a goal to promote the study and research of Physical Sciences in Nigeria.

New Findings

Thermo-electric (TE) material applications reduce reliance on traditional energy resources by converting heat to electric energy. We have studied, for the first time, the thermo-electric properties...
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New Findings

This paper considers the Ridge Feasible Generalized Least Squares Estimator (RFGLSE), Ridge Seemingly Unrelated Regression RSUR and proposes the Kibria-Lukman KLSUR estimator for the parameters ...
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New Findings

A data acquisition system that utilised the open-source Arduino platform was developed to take real-time ground measurements of primary radio climatological variables of pressure, temperature ...
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New Findings

Copper-doped hematite thin films were prepared by spray pyrolysis technique using a mixture of ethanol and distilled water precursors. Visual observations showed that aqua precursor produced films of less ...
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How to become a member

Becoming a member of the Nigerian Society of Physical Sciences is now made easy.

We have now completely automated the process of obtaining the membership of the Nigerian Society of Physical Sciences and the whole process can be completed within 10 minutes. First check your eligibility, make payment, upload CV and passport and generate your e-certificate. There is also a provision to obtain hard copy of your certificate.

Call for Application

NSPS PHD Thesis Award 2023

On the quest to promote the study and research of physical science in Nigeria, the Nigerian Society of Physical Sciences (NSPS) seeks to award five prizes to recognize outstanding scholarly achievements in physical sciences. These prizes are:

  1. NSPS Ph.D. Thesis Prize in Chemistry
  2. NSPS Ph.D. Thesis Prize in Computer Science
  3. NSPS Ph.D. Thesis Prize in Earth Sciences
  4. NSPS Ph.D. Thesis Prize in Mathematics and Statistics
  5. NSPS Ph.D. Thesis Prize in Physics and Astronomy

All the prizes would be based on applications and participation in a 3 minutes thesis competition.


We have created a rewarding system called NSPS Reviewers Credit and automatic reviewer's certificate. This is how the reviewers credit works:
  1. Visit the Reviewer Center website @ click on the journal that you wish download its Certificate of Review.
  2. Input the username and registered email address that you have used on the journal. This would list all reviews that you have made for NSPS since November 2019 till date.
  3. If you have completed up to 4 reviews in within one year or total 10 reviews in the entire time, the system would generate a token for you in addition to the certificates.
  4. This token is equivalent to a regular membership registration fee or an article publication charges or a full conference registration fee of NSPS. In addition, unused token generated each year after reviewing 4 manuscripts for any journal published/co-published by NSPS for five consecutive years or a total 50 reviews in entire 5 years is equivalent to Life membership registration fee of NSPS (LNSPS).
  5. Please note that the NSPS reviewers’ credit in any journal published/co-published by NSPS are independent and cannot be lumped together. For instance, making 2 reviews for JNSPS and 3 reviews for ASR in a year is not equivalent to 5 reviews. However, you can earn credit and certificate of review in both ASR and JNSPS simultaneously if you meet up with the condition 3 above.
  6. The token generated is not transferable. Also, you can only use it to pay for your APC iff you are the corresponding author of the manuscript.