NSPS Membership

How to Become a Member of the Nigerian Society of Physical Sciences

1. Review the membership requirements at https://nsps.org.ng/membership/requirements-to-become-a-member.php. Ensure that you have the qualification for the category you are applying for before proceeding to step 2.

2. Create an account on NSPS Membership portal, pay the appropriate membership fee, uppload your passport and CV.

3. Our automated system would review your eligibility for the membership category you have applied for and membership number would be generated for you including e-copy of your certificate, membership card and payment receipt.

The whole process can be completed online within 10 minutes. Note that 20% of each membership fee represents the processing fee. So, if a prospective member pays without appropriate requirements, the application would be rejected or the certificate would be withdrawn (if already issued) and 80% of the amount paid would be refunded within 24-72hrs.